4th of July (#22)

Are you prepared for the 4th of July? Fireworks and parties can be a lot for your dog to handle. In this episode I talk all about how to keep your dog happy and calm during firework season. T Touch Trustworthy Recalls Online Course Be sure to check us out on: Instagram @agoodfeeling_inco Facebook @agoodfeelingdogtraining […]

Getting a new dog (#21)

Have you been thinking of getting a new dog? In this episode I break down the considerations I think you should take when bringing a dog into your home. We will talk about: Considerations when it comes to come to current animals in your home Finding a dog suitable for your lifestyle Considerations when looking […]

Finding a dog trainer (#19)

In this episode we will talk about: When to hire a dog trainer How to find a qualified dog trainer Questions to ask your potential dog trainer If you need help finding a dog trainer in your area please check out the following trainer directories! Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers Pet Professional Guild Karen […]

Enriching your dogs life (#17)

How have you enriched your dogs life today? Was it during meal time? An outing? Just spending time together on the couch? There are so many ways to enrich your dogs life and I want to give you my suggestions for upping the enrichment in your day to day. I’ll give you ideas for enriching […]

Traveling with dogs (#15)

Tune in for tips and tricks for traveling with your dogs! Where to go, what to bring, should you even bring your dog? Sign up to be the first to know about my online course! www.agfdogtraining.com Check us out on Instagram @agoodfeeling_inco Check us out on Facebook @agoodfeelingdogtraining Thanks for tuning in! If you liked […]

Why your mindset matters in dog training (#14)

Have you ever thought about the impact your mindset has when it comes to training your dog? Tune in to find out how your mindset impacts your relationship with your dog! Check us on Instagram @agoodfeeling_inco Check us out on Facebook @agoodfeelingdogtraining More info at www.agfdogtraining.com Puppy Culture Music credit : Podington Bear http://media.blubrry.com/disorderlydogs/p/content.blubrry.com/disorderlydogs/Episode14.mp3Podcast: Play […]

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