Rachel is Certified Professional Dog Trainer  (CPDT-KA)

Rachel pursued dog training to help the thousands of dogs in shelters, stuck there because of easily trainable behavior problems. Rachel volunteered as a dog walker at the Maxfund and there she saw that if you take the time even the most difficult dogs can learn to trust people and behave politely.

Rachel is committed to being up to date on the latest research, so that you and your dog are getting the best training plan available. Rachel is also committed to continued education, attending seminars from experts in the field on a regular basis!

Rachel has fostered a number of times in order to give “difficult” dogs the best chance at a new life. Rachel makes an effort to help rescues with training, so that more people can understand dogs on a more advanced level.

If Rachel isn’t dog training you will find her outside. She loves to hike, snowboard and garden.

Tiva, CGC

Tiva is an 11 year old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. Tiva had some serious separation anxiety at a young age. With lots of time, patience and training Tiva learned that being alone wasn’t such a bad thing. After working a lot on confidence building Tiva has transformed into a social, trick loving dog who is consistently earning titles in agility. Tiva also loves to hike and swim in mountain lakes.

Sunny, CGC


Sunny (RIP) is a 10 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Rachel adopted Sunny from Table Mountain Animal shelter in 2008. At only 7 months old Sunny came with some really serious fear issues. He was so scared of everything, “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see him happy” After almost a year of baby steps, Sunny began to come out of his shell.  ” A fearful dog can’t be rushed so I took my time and slowly but surely Sunny began to trust the world.”  Now almost 6 years later Sunny is an on the rise agility dog. Proof that a fearful dog can learn to trust and have fun! Sunny is also a Canine Good Citizen. If Sunny isn’t running agility you will most likely catch him soaking up some rays, or playing fetch.


Waylon is our newest addition! He is an American Staffordshire Terrier born 1/12/17.Waylon loves to compete in dock diving. Water is his favorite. We are also training and competing in agility. When he is ready we will also test to become a therapy dog team. In addition he loves to hike and snuggle!