“Agility Foundations 1”

6 weeks, $140

We will cover the basics of handling with a strong focus on connection so that you and your dog have a great foundation for the wonderful world of dog agility.

-Nose touch to target

-Offering a jump, jump commitment

-Front Cross


-Happy Crating

-Confidence building on low obstacles

-Connection and team building

This class IS appropriate for dogs of all ages. This class is NOT appropriate for reactive dogs.

“Agility Foundations 2”

6 weeks, $140

Agility Foundations 2 will continue to teach handling styles as well as introduce equipment and short sequences.

“Skills and Drills”

6 weeks $140

This class is the follow up to Agility Foundations 2.  We will run short sequences with a focus on obstacle performance and the best handling style for the course and your dog.

 Rules and Regulations







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