Training With Grace

Classes are 60 minutes in length

Training With Grace

“The Basics”

5 weeks, $125

Week 1 is orientation with NO DOG

The purpose of the class is to focus on relationship building as well as strong response’s to basic cues. We will cover sit, lay down, nose touch and stay so that your dog has a foundation for everyday life.

“Self Control”

4 weeks, $100

The purpose of Self Control is to teach dogs to make polite choices even when excited. They will learn the value of waiting patiently for desirable rewards. If your dog jumps up, bites at the leash, steals food, or chases other animals this is the class for you!

“Leash Manners”

4 weeks, $100

The purpose of leash manners is to teach reliable leash walking skills in a variety of situations.

“Trust worthy Recall”

4 weeks, $100

The purpose of Trust Worthy Recall is to teach a reliable recall that works even with high distractions.

“CGC prep”

5 weeks, $125

The purpose of CGC prep is to make sure you and your dog have all the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. There will be an evaluation the 5th week of class. The evaluation fee is included in your class fee.

“Shaping 101”

5 weeks, $125

The purpose of Shaping 101 is to show you how to shape new behaviors from start to finish. The class will focus on shaping fun new behaviors. This class is wonderful for improving the humans training skills as well as relationship building with your dog.

3 thoughts on “Manners”

  1. Hi, I got your name from Andi Harper. My niece has 2 small dogs
    (pikashon ?), 1 year old and 10 month old and has never potty trained them. They now have an 8 month old son who is crawling and they obviously can’t have pee and poop on the floor. Sadly, they are thinking of getting rid of them if they can’t be potty trained. The live in Parker so it would be impossible for her to drive out to Lakewood.

    Can you give any suggestions so that they could be potty trained at this late stage? She said that they walk them but come back into the house and pee. Of course if they are expecting them to learn that way, it won’t work, it’s too late. I would appreciate any information or tips that would help her since she is beside herself.

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hey Love!

    We got a little pup and need some professional help, so we don’t f it up 🙂 haha with our little lady Salcha. Her mamma was a husky and dad a collie/lab mix. She is great at sit, stay lay and ok to come and is overall really great! We would love to sign up for some classes wi math you!

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