Raising Waylon, Part 1

Well, Waylon has been here for almost 2 weeks and he is approaching 10 weeks old!

We have been taking full advantage of his socialization window! Waylon has been to my husband Corey’s job. Corey works at a plant nursery that is 130 acres. He got to explore outside as well as inside the greenhouse. Stinky the greenhouse cat was very kind and let Waylon sniff her! Waylon also got to meet almost 20 of Corey’s co workers! Waylon has also been to puppy class at two different locations. My dad and brother work at a car dealership so Waylon go to explore the dealership and meet tons of people there. My grandma was staying at a rehab facility that allowed dogs so Waylon got to meet lots of people and ride in an elevator. Waylon has also been to several other peoples houses where he got to play with and learn from adult dogs! This week he will go to our favorite pet shop, another training facility, the vet and also the mountains!

My husband and I have been reinforcing tons of desirable behaviors! Potty outside, coming when called and automatic sits to name a few. Waylon has been working on walking on a leash, going into the crate on his own as well as a hand touch! This week we will work on recalls more and down.

We have been working to prevent resource guarding. When Waylon is eating his meal, I will approach and toss a few treats in his bowl. Then I will pick up his bowl, give him a treat and then set it back down. We have also been working this exercise when he is eating a bone. We have been working on body handling, touching all of his feet, ears, tail and teeth.

Sunny and Tiva are adjusting nicely to Waylon! Tiva has been a saint at keeping him occupied as well as teaching him tons! Sunny has been acclimating nicely as well. We have been using ex-pens and crates for introductions with Sunny and Waylon for now. But Sunny has shown really nice relaxed behaviors around Waylon and he even play bowed at him!

Well that is the update for now! Ill continue to blog about Waylon’s life with us! I post daily updates and cuteness on Facebook and Instagram!


-Rachel Harris CPDT-KA