Stuffed Kongs

stuffed kongs Today I stuffed 3 different sizes of kongs. The medium size usually takes Sunny and Tiva 10-15 minutes to finish after the kongs have been frozen, large 15-30 minutes and the extra large 30-60 minutes.

I used canned pumpkin, canned lamb tripe (that’s smells terrible but is a super food for dogs), canned bison, freeze dried dog treat crumbs and string cheese.

I cut the cheese into 1/2 inch pieces and put them into the kong  first as a stopper.

Then I added the pumpkin,tripe, dog treat crumbs and bison alternating spoonfuls and topped with pieces of cheese.

Kongs are extremely handy to have for when the dogs are bothering you and you are knee deep doing something else!

Set yourself up for success and have stuffed kongs in the freezer!