Throw out the food bowl!

Putting your dogs meal in a normal dog food bowl, is really a waste. Instead utilize one of these ideas for enrichment during meal time!

Towel Roll

Just lay out a towel, sprinkle kibble all over. Roll the towel up tight and release your dog to interact!

Slow bowl feeders

If you feed raw, homemade or canned food. The slow bowl feeder is a great option. Easy to clean and gives the dogs more of a challenge!

You can find the bowls here!

Cookie Scatter

It can be as easy as scattering your dogs meals into the grass (or weeds in my case) in your backyard! They will spend time sniffing and foraging for their meals!

Check out my other blog post for more enrichment ideas!

DIY Dog Enrichement

Stuffed Kongs

Curious about raw feeding? Check out the blog I wrote on how I feed my dogs raw! Raw Feeding!

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-Rachel Harris, CPDT-KA, owner A Good Feeling Dog Training