63. Reactivity Case Study, Team Boone

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Meet the amazing team Boone! Boone is an almost 2 year old loveable Labradoodle who lives with his mom Megan and his dad Alex. In this episode we talk all about Boone! His parents share stories of the back-flips he does when he sees other dogs on leash (otherwise known as on-leash reactivity), what they did to change this behavior to something a little more calm… & a whole lot more!

Some of the topics we cover include…

  • What does Boone’s reactivity actually look like?
  • When did Megan and Alex decide that enough was enough, and something needed to change?
  • What tools weren’t working for Team Boone…and what tools did when they started training with Rachel?
  • Warning: This episode may induce feelings of hope & desire for change if you too live with a reactive dog!

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