Reactive Redefined

Many owners of reactive dogs feel unprepared to address disruptive behaviors on walks, at the fence, or in life. Reactive Redefined gives these owners the practical skills and emotional support they need to help their reactive dog and themselves live their best life. 

Learn more about Reactive Redefined at our FAQ.

Enrollment opens April 1st 2021 – April 10th 2021.

  • Enrollment in this course closed on 01/19/2021.

8 thoughts on “Reactive Redefined

  1. I need this reactive dog training. My boxer is ultra protective over me on walks and when a stranger comes to the house. I live in Illinois. How could I do your training? What is the cost?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hey Brooke, you can sign up for the “solo” coaching program by scrolling down the page! I’d be happy to help with training!

  3. I was referred to you by another trainer and think they reactive course may work but have a few questions. Would you contact me ASAP so I don’t miss the sign up deadline please?

  4. I have been sent this link for this I am struggling with my Rottweiler
    Hello can anyone help me please
    I am really struggling

    I have a Rottweiler he is 4 years old
    When out on walks if he sees other dogs he is pulling & swinging on lead barking best way to describe it is
     he looks like he is out of control & no rules
    I have told a alter
    & short leads on collar I have tried with the raf harnesses n the two clip leads where it goes on collar & harness ,

    Stop pulling harness to

    & done the where u turn away to other Direction to show him his behaviour isn’t acceptable but that doesn’t work he sort of goes like a horse raise up back legs on floor front legs up

    Pics of him he looks like butter wouldn’t melt haha

    Please everyone any help
    I would really really appreciate it

    Thankyou in advance x

  5. HI! Charissa Carvell referred me. When will you offer the next Reactive Redefined class? is it a self paced webinar course? My schedule is full and so I am available at odd times to do a recorded webinar type class. Oh, and how much does it cost? Thank you for the info, Warmly, Julie

  6. Hey Rona, Reactive Redefined would be a great fit for you and your dog. I will be re opening the program in September.

  7. Hey Julie! RR will re open for enrollment in September. The course content you can consume at your own pace and then the group calls are scheduled at the connivence of the group!

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