DIY Dog Enrichment

IMG_3548Instead of throwing away your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, save them for cheap enrichment for your dogs.

Mental stimulation is so important for your dog. There are tons of interactive food toys on the market. Check out our “Products We Use” page to see which toys we like the best.  As much as my dogs enjoy their toys they also love to tear apart the stuffed rolls just as much!

Fold the ends of one side until the opening is closed off. Fill with kibble and treats and then fold the other end. Easy as that!

I like to stuff several and hide them throughout the house. After 30 minutes of foraging and shredding the dogs are wiped out. Only a few minutes of clean up for the human and you’re good to go!

DIY Snuffle Mat!

I bought an outdoor mat off of amazon. Like this one

Then cut about 40, 6 inch strips of fleece and alternated tying them in the mat.

Add kibble and tada!