Where does training take place?

Private training takes place in your home first and then training sessions will be out in the world, depending on your dogs needs.

Group Classes are held at Team Spirit Agility, 8910 W 52nd Ave in Arvada

Skype Consults are held where ever you have the best Wifi connection.

How long will it take to see improvements in my dog’s behavior?

Behavior change depends on a lot of factors but you can expect to see results in low distraction environments in a few days with consistent reinforcement of desirable behaviors. Keep in mind that training is always a work in progress not a fixed point in time.

Will we use food in training forever?

In the early stages of training your dog will get a food reward every single time they get it right. Once your dog can reliably preform a behavior you will be able to transition to real life, non food reinforcements. Do keep in mind that dogs do not work for free and if your dog loves food it makes sense to continue to use food as a reinforcement through out your dogs life.

Is my dog being dominant?

The term dominance is misused in today’s training culture. Science has showed us that in fact dominance is not a general explanation for unwanted behavior. Please follow the link for a more in depth answer. https://petprofessionalguild.com/DominanceTheoryPositionStatement

What kind of equipment will we use?

We will utilize the most humane tool available depending on your dogs needs. We will never use a choke chain, pinch collar or shock collar. Please follow the link for data and information on why we will not use these tools. https://petprofessionalguild.com/chokeandprongcollarpositionstatement

How early should I start training?

Puppies should begin training and socialization as soon as they come to your home. There is a very critical learning period in the beginning of a dogs life. Please follow this link for further information on the importance of early socialization and training. https://petprofessionalguild.com/PuppySocializationPositionStatement