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Where does training take place?

Private training takes place in your home first and then training sessions will be out in the world, depending on your dogs needs.

Group Classes are held at Team Spirit Agility, 8910 W 52nd Ave in Arvada

Virtual training sessions take place where ever you have the best Wifi connection.

How long will it take to see improvements in my dog’s behavior?

Behavior change depends on a lot of factors but you can expect to see results in low distraction environments in a few days with consistent reinforcement of desirable behaviors. Keep in mind that training is always a work in progress not a fixed point in time.

Will we use food in training forever?

YES! I like to compare it to your own job. You wouldn’t work for free, and neither will your dog. To build in the best behaviors, plan to reward your dog for every success. In the early stages of training, your pup will get a food treat every time they get it right. As they progress in their skills, you can get more work out of similar amounts of food reward. You will also be able to turn to non-food based rewards as well. Regardless – great behavior merits great rewards, whatever might be most rewarding for your dog.

Is my dog being dominant?

Short answer: probably not. Long answer: the term dominance is misused in today’s training culture. The Pet Professional Guild considers training that asserts “dominance” or seeks to address “dominance” as dangerous and harmful to your pet and your relationship with your pet. The behavior most people call “dominant” is likely reactivity or fear based aggression, which “alpha” or “pack leader” mentality can make worse instead of better. If your dog is acting aggressive – there are other underlying things causing this. Let’s work together to remedy the situation so your dog trusts you and you trust your dog.

What kind of equipment will we use?

Leashes, harnesses, and treats! We will never use choke chains, pinch collars, or electric collars – these tools are harmful to dogs’ well being. Research shows that to achieve long lasting and effective behavior change, positive reinforcement is the most reliable way to train your dog. My goal is to help you train your dog AND keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.

How early should I start training?

Puppy socialization is crucial for long term well being. The Pet Professional Guild has more information here. They should begin training and socialization as soon as they come to your home.

What else should I know about dog training?

Training your dog requires an investment of time and intent – no dog will be magically trained upon arriving at your doorstep, and training is never really done. You will be working with and rewarding your dog for their whole life. But what a gift! You get to build a relationship with an amazing dog for years.

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