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18. Life with a reactive dog, stranger danger. With special guest @thedackpack

We talked all about what life is like owning a dog reactive dog in Episode 16. In this episode we explore what life is like when living with a dog that can be reactive to people.

Jess @thedackpack is dog mom to Luna and Stella, a shelter volunteer and a canine behavior counselor in training. She opens up and shares what her day to day looks like living with Luna who can be reactive to people.

If your dog can be reactive to people, this episode is a must listen!

It’s important to realize that dogs who can be reactive are most likely afraid of the stimulus and that is why they are reacting in an unwanted manner. By using management and positive reinforcement training you can get to the root emotional response that is causing the unwanted over reactions.

I offer in person training as well as remote consultations to help you work through your dogs reactivity. If you need help finding help a qualified trainer in your area, please send me a DM, @agoodfeeling_inco

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