Reactive Redefined

Who is it for?

Dogs who display, growling, whining, barking, lunging, jumping, snapping at dogs, people, bikes, skateboard and other animals while on leash and or in your home or yard.

How it works:

Reactive Redefined is completely virtual. So you can participate from wherever you are.

1:1 Support

When you register for R.R. you will connect with Rachel or Stephanie for a one on one call. In this call we will make sure we understand the specifics of you and your dog. We will ask a ton of questions so that we can serve you the best and then you will also be able to ask us any questions you may have. To wrap up our call you will be given specific instructions on what you and your dog need to be working on. In addition to the initial 1:1 call you will get a second 1:1 call to use when you need it during the course.

Course Content

After you are given instructions on what to work on. You will work through the course content. Each module has videos and written explanations so that you understand how to implement the exercises for you and for your dog. You will receive life time access to the course content so it can be revisited as needed.

Group Coaching

You will be in a group of several other reactive dog owners and we will meet a total of 6 times over the course of 3 months. In the group calls you will be able to share the wins and challenges of your journey. In addition to sharing how training is going you will share video of you and your dog. This will give you and the group a chance to learn about your dogs body language and what to tweak to see improved success.

Monitored Progress

You will be asked to upload at least 1 new training video each week throughout the 3 month duration of the course. This is to hold you accountable and to be sure that you are seeing progress.


When you follow the advice given and take the time to work through the training exercises covered in the course, you will no doubt start to see improvements in your skills as well as a decrease in your dog reactivity.

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