“Rachel with A Good Feeling dog training was awesome! I was recommended to her by another trainer in the Denver area to help with my dog’s aggressive tendencies towards other new dogs he would encounter.
My 1 year old dog had started showing aggression towards other dogs around 9 or 10 months of age. I had tried to work on these issues with my dog at home, but I wasn’t seeing any improvement. The last straw was when my dog got into a huge fight with my neighbor’s dog…that’s when I knew it was time for some professional help! 
I called Rachel and we set up an in home meet and greet. I could tell right away that she had a natural gift when it comes to working with dogs! After about 6 at home sessions, 45 minutes each, Rachel had shown us the skills needed to set my dog up for success. With Rachel’s training, I’ve been able to help my dog during intense situations where he may feel the need to act aggressively and we haven’t had an incident since! I was so stressed about our situation and I really got such fantastic results working with Rachel. I highly recommend her for any of your dog training needs!
 Thanks again for all of your help! We’ve been keeping up with everything you taught us during training and we’ve haven’t had any incidents since! :)”
-Dresden Dorazewski
“Prior to training with Rachel my 9 pound shih-poo insisted at barking at every person, dog and child that walked past the front yard. She also was having some issues around guarding the couch from the other three dogs that are in the house. At least these were the issues I came to her with. After Rachel assessed the situation she also noticed that Edie (the 9lb shih-poo) also was not walking with confidence on walks and was quite fearful of small children and elderly individuals.Rachel was able to gently guide my pup and my own behaviors so that both of us were happy. She noticed things that seem obvious in retrospect but without her intuitive knowledge there is no way Edie or I would have made such drastic improvements in such a short amount of time!Rachel was kind enough to do one on one session’s in my home so she could see all the different dynamics were affecting the situation. She was kind, prepared and always punctual.

After training with Rachel, Edie is now much more confident around all sort of people and dogs. She comes when called even if the mail man is trying to deliver the mail. She now enjoys snuggling with all the other puppies on the couch. Rachel also pointed out some great attributes about my pup such as her ability for agility training which we hope to take part in the future.

The Edie I have now is the exact puppy I knew she could be. This has allowed our lives to be much less stressful and a lot more fun!”

-Cassie Hunt




“We just had a baby and our dog decided it was his new job to protect her by barking and growling at anyone who came near the house or to the door. Although this was great for alerting us to possible intruders, it was not ideal for family and friends who were coming over.

Rachel is very positive and helped us to train our dog through the use of praise and positive reinforcement! Rachel also really connects with dog owners to meet their needs, she recognized I would be soon taking walks with the baby, stroller and dog and helped train us on how to all walk together successfully.

We had previously trained with Rachel in a group setting, and we had such a positive experience that we had a private one on one training to work on our dog’s specific issues at home.

Our dog responds extremely well to training and the techniques he’s learned from Rachel. He is a bit of an anxious dog and sometimes what I would describe as high strung. He looks forward to training sessions and is much more manageable because of them.

We are much happier and successful as a family.”

-Amber Stowe

Trout (2)



“My husband and I adopted a rescue dog when he was 5 months old. He had no training at all prior to the adoption. Our little guy needed a lot of training.

We decided to go to a Good Feeling Dog Training. We spoke with Rachel Laurie, and immediately felt she was the professional who could help us with our new challenges.
We have had several private training sessions at our home, as well as took Family Dog 1. Our pup Zody, took to Rachel immediately. She was amazing with our dog. I cannot explain how much she taught Zody, as well as us. She can make Zody feel relaxed, and can help him achieve the goals that we needed to succeed with our dog.
The training we received from Rachel has made Zody’s behavior so much more calm, and he wants to please, and seems to give him a purpose. He is such an important part of our life now, and thanks to Rachel we have the skills to keep him happy and healthy.
We highly recommend Rachel, if anyone needs to help their dog with training. She is amazing, and we hope people will utilize her talents. She can help you with any issue or problem. Rachel has impacted Zody’s life, and certainly has made our life so enjoyable with our little buddy.
Thank you Rachel!! You are truly amazing. ”

-Chuck, Debbie and Zody



“Tuxedo was hard to potty train because he is a small dog and he we got him in December when it was snowing so he wouldn’t go outside to go to the bathroom. He was going to the bathroom everywhere in our house, and he even stopped going on the pee pads. 10 Months later and still not potty trained was a problem. I asked Rachel if she could keep Tux for a week or so to train him. It was a board and train. He came back perfectly potty trained and now no more messes in the house! She is a miracle maker!

Rachel’s positive reinforcement works great. I cant wait to take Family Dog 2 class with Melo and Tux. Rachel has come over many times to help at my multi-dog household. She helped Melo with leash training which works perfect and he is also great with impulse control now too. He does an excellent sit and down. The way she teaches the class is how to think like a dog which I believe works great.”

-Carissa Kloeren




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