Train your dog to stay in 10 minutes a day!

Training a “stay” or “wait” for your dogs is a super useful skill for them to have. It comes in handy at home when you have guests coming over and don’t want them to be tackled by your dog, or if you want to lounge on a coffee shop patio with your best friend in tow on a sunny Sunday morning. A wait helps keep your dog by your side.

A huge component to successful training is breaking down the skill into really manageable pieces. If you’re not having success, you might be asking too much and need to break it down even further. This tutorial on how to train a wait breaks it down into digestible segments to help make sure your dogs are seeing rewards for waiting.

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Training a Wait

  1. As always, start in a lower distraction environment.
  2. Cue a sit or a down and reward.
  3. Cue your “stay” word. I like “wait” but of course it’s up to you.
  4. Back up a few steps. If your pup stays in their sit or down, mark the behavior (“yes” “yay” “good” are all good mark words), and return to your dog and reward them in position.
  5. If they get up or follow you, reset their sit or down.
  6. Cue your stay, and back up a few more steps.
  7. If they stay in position, mark and reward them in position.
  8. Gradually increase distance and distraction, and keep repetitions low.
  9. This is also a great way to practice recalls!

If you’re struggling and your pup won’t stay in position, email me! I now offer 30 minute mini virtual sessions for $30 bucks to address issues just like this.

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