Virtual Training w/ Stephanie

We will use Zoom for our session.

Virtual training will consist of:

  • Discussion, I will ask a lot of questions to make sure I understand all the details about your dogs behavior.
  • Training, I will have you turn your computer or phone so I can see you and your dog. I will then give you specific instructions for training and coach you as you train your dog.
  • Homework, I will email written explanations and videos for you to reference so you can be implementing the training I show you into your everyday life.

Package Options:

Puppy Basics 1 — just got a new puppy? This package is for you. In this 5 session package we will cover basic manners. Sit, down, stay, name and leave it. We will also prep your puppy for experiences to come in their life with you, vet visits, outings and interactions with other dogs. In addition we will teach your puppy how to be happy in a crate or behind a barrier! Investment $375

Puppy Basics 2 — we will help build on everything your puppy learned in Puppy Basics 1. In this 4 session package we will focus on leash manners and recalls to get your puppy ready for hikes on and off leash. We will also troubleshoot problem behaviors such as chewing and barking. Investment $300.

Adult Dog 1 — did you just add a new adult dog to your household? This is the package for you. We will cover teaching basic manners the dog doesn’t already know as well as address problem behaviors. In this 5 session package will we help your adult dog blend into your household and lifestyle! Investment $375.

Adult Dog 2 — does your dog have some training but you still have some more behaviors to teach? This is the package for you. In this 4 session package we will cover proofing of basic manners and teaching more advanced tasks. Investment $300.

Reactive Dog — does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs? At people, bikes or skateboards? This is the package for you. In this 6 session package we will cover how to teach both human and dog the skills needed to change your dogs behavior. In most cases, dogs who are reactive are very unsure. We will focus on counter conditioning, so your dog can feel at ease when they encounter another dog or person .We will work towards enjoyable outings for both you and your dog. Investment $450.

Stranger Danger — has your dog acted aggressively towards people in your home or in the world? Has your dog bit a friend or family member? This 7 session package is for you. We will use behavior modification to help your dog feel more comfortable around new people as well as teach them to like wearing a basket muzzle. Investment $525.

Vet Prep — does your dog dislike going to the vet? Are you worried how they will react when you go for exams or vaccinations? This 4 session package is for you. We will prep your dog for a normal exam so they can experience a stress free vet visit. Investment $300.

Custom Behavior Modification — are you having a certain behavior problem?  We can look at your specific challenge and formulate a custom training plan for you and your dog. In this 5 session package we will work to address your dogs specific training challenge. Investment $375

*All package options start with an initial 90 minute virtual session. Follow up virtual sessions are 60 minutes.*

  • 30 Minutes ($30)
  • 60 Minutes ($75)
  • 90 Minutes ($100)

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